What is the Italian Club?

Victoria Salmeri, Staff Writer

How many times have you realized that you are unaware of all of the clubs that exist in our school? Even though I have been in this school for three years, I am still unaware of half of the clubs that exist. As president of the one I am about to introduce, I felt compelled to inform you about its existence, but most importantly the things that we do in the club. I run the Italian Club and we have meetings about twice a month, with flexible days, of course. The board members and I are always thinking of new ideas that appeal to all of you so that you can enjoy yourself while actually learning about the Italian culture. We know that not many speak the language, or that it may seem like there is not much to do in an Italian Club. However, we have this club so that people who are interested in any aspect of the culture can come explore it and interact with others who share the same interests. We always have snacks, play a bunch of games and try to include as much of what you would like to do as possible. We host holiday parties and we always have parties on Italian culture-centered holidays or important dates. There is pizza day, nutella day, pasta day and generally any other day you can think of! In addition to this, we also take part in creating a skit to perform at Montclair State University for Italian Culture Day. I strongly encourage you to consider joining or to even come join us for a meeting or two to see what the club is all about. Meetings are usually held on Wednesday or Thursday in E204- listen for any announcements for upcoming meeting dates. Anyone is welcome to join so please tell your friends and spread the word! Grazie!