Join the Yearbook Club!

Samantha Zakrzewski, Writer/Editor

Attention all writers, photographers, and layout designers! The Yearbook Club is looking for students to help create the yearbook for the Class of 2019. All students are welcome- you do not have to be a senior to join.

Overview of the Club

A common misconception that everyone has is that the Yearbook Club is only for seniors. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are encouraged to join the club as we want to hear the voices of the entire student body. Creating the yearbook takes a lot of time and effort, so any and all help is appreciated!

Within the Yearbook Club, there are different groups that work on different parts of the yearbook. There are the photographers, writers, layout designers, and advertisers. If you want to join more than one group, you absolutely can! Meetings for the groups are on different days, so students are able to join multiple groups within the club.


The task of the photographers is pretty self explanatory- they take photos at sports games and practices, clubs, the school musical, winter and spring concerts, and any other school related events. If you don’t have a camera, that’s not an issue. The yearbook advisor, Mrs.Slanina, has cameras that students are allowed to borrow to take pictures. Usually the photographers meet after school on Fridays, where they discuss what they’re going to take pictures of.


Another group of the Yearbook Club is the writers. The writers write section headers, interview teachers and students. Their meetings vary, but are usually once every other week on Tuesdays. When the writers meet together, they discuss different ideas for the yearbook, interview questions, and anything else they want to add.

Layout Designers

The layout designers create the layout for the yearbook. They edit the photos that were taken by the photographers and then place them in the yearbook. They also insert the writers’ work in the proper sections. This group usually meets on Mondays and Fridays.


The Yearbook Club also needs people to help advertise the yearbook. These people create posters and hang them up around the school. Their goal is to create posters that will remind seniors to buy a yearbook. Their meetings aren’t as frequent- they usually meet every few weeks to make the posters.

As a member of the Yearbook Club, you ultimately get a say in how your yearbook will turn out. You have a chance to contribute your ideas and make this yearbook the best that it can be. So hesitate no longer and join Yearbook Club!