Madness At Lunch

Leslie Ramirez

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We all love the feeling of getting out of class to go to lunch and meet up with our friends. The pleasure of not listening to teachers and worrying about tests/quizzes excites us. Where you can eat and catch up on what’s the gossip of the day or doing homework last minute.  It’s a place where you’re supposed to relax and not stress for 45 minutes…or is it really?

The experience in lunch is…different.  There’s a new system for lunch and as we all know there are two lines, one for cold and the other for hot food. Once you choose the line you want, and end up not liking the food for the day you are not able to intersect this imaginary line that separates the hot from the cold food. What now, we’re supposed to eat the food we don’t like? Let’s not forget about how many kids cut and try to wiggle there way in by pretending to be friends with the person in front of us. So, in reality we’re wasting time arguing with a teacher who doesn’t let us cut across or having maybe 3 or 4 people cut in front of us.

The lunch system, in my opinion, should be changed. There should be a way for kids to be able to see what’s for lunch, maybe a bulletin with the list of choices, so we can be able to make our own decision on which line to get on. It is known the lunch menu is on the Clifton High School site but it’s most likely that people don’t know or don’t even bother to check. There should also be a teacher to check the line for cutters, because no one messes around when it comes to food! There’s always students complaining about needing change throughout the school but never really go the extra step, this could be a start.