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$1000 Scholarship Opportunity!

Stephany Jaramillo, Editor

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Calling all Clifton High School 2018 Graduates who have no discipline issues, and will be attending college or university in Fall of 2018; There is a scholarship opportunity! The “Republican Scholarship” will award a 1,000 dollar scholarship to the applicant with a well-written essay regardless of political beliefs or affiliations. Applicants would need to answer one of the following questions. Submissions may not exceed 200 words.

  1. Do guns make society more safe or less safe? Please use data to support your position.
  2. How would you rate the President in navigating the economy and positioning the United States’ economy globally?
  3. Congressional approval ratings have been below 20% for quite some time. Suggest a change that could make congress more effective.

Once you’ve completed your answer email your completed essay to [email protected] on before April 30th, 2018. For more details, students should speak with their Guidance Counselor or visit the Naviance portal on  Start writing now, there’s only a few days left!

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$1000 Scholarship Opportunity!