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Students and Earbuds

Amanda Costa, Staff Writer

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There are a number of things a student needs to get through a successful school day.  Some of these things may consist of a notebook, pens, pencils, a folder and in some circumstances, earbuds.  Almost everyone in the school is seen with an earbud in either in the hallways or in the class.  Some may wear them just for a little bit to relax, while for others they may be a school essential.  Earbuds can provide the student with a serene state of mind while taking a test or doing an assignment.

This is beneficial to the student because some may feel pressured in the silence or may not have all their thoughts collected.  However, earbuds provide the student an escape from the world of silence and can evoke them to finish their assignments more efficiently.  The use of earbuds has the ability to relieve stress during a test or quiz and can help a student’s grade.  Some teachers might get aggravated at the sight of a student wearing earbuds, however, as long as one is in when someone is speaking, there should not be a problem. We can hear you with one earbud in and we can pause whatever is playing without removing the earbud. We’re not trying to be rude. Also, as long as the listener keeps their volume to a level in which only they can hear it, then everything should continue to function normally in the classroom.  School can get hard and eventually throughout the day, everybody just needs a little break.  Some of the classes’ curriculum can be very difficult and everyone might need to pop in an earbud here and there to keep their brains functioning and on the right track.  Some earbuds can be very pricey as some can cost over $100.  The most common earbuds in our school is the classic apple earbuds, costing $30.  This is a fairly good price for the quality of the earbuds.  They are a lot better than getting a $7 pair at Walgreens which last about a week if you’re lucky.  Overall, earbuds are a very unique and beneficial invention to all students that continue to use them to help them survive their day at school.


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Students and Earbuds