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Who doesn’t use Snapchat? In fact, that was the only app that kept me away from Instagram stories. There is a lot of  chaos about the update on social media. Some people hated it, some liked it, some people don’t even know how to use it. Snapchat knew that it’s update would disappoint it’s users, but Snapchat had to makes changes regardless. After the update, the company was hit with thousands of reports. Everyone, even celebrities wanted the old version back. Many people were unhappy and wanted to change it.

 Alterations were made to increase profit. Snapchat is certainly not going to revert back to the old version, no matter what. There is no way of  avoiding it.  Snapchat will force you to update it or they will automatically update it for you. So the people who are worried why the update doesn’t show up, you’ll get it soon. When searching up  “Snapchat update” on Twitter, thousands of  mostly negative comments will show up. One spokesman from the company said that a huge update like this one can take a little time to get used to, but they hope that the users will make themselves comfortable once they start using it more.  The company wants the users to give the update a chance and apologizes because it is not possible for them to revert back.