Dance Ensemble Club


Briana Valdez, Staff Writer

One of the redeeming qualities Clifton High School has is its support for artistic programs. Having a dance club alone is a great feat, but having a dance class as an elective is a privilege. The elective gives student an opportunity to truly express themselves with their bodies and the art of movement. Although the dance community is massive globally, not many schools offer it as a class. It has evolved from kids dancing on a dirty gym floor to an actual dance studio with mirrors and ballet barres. The dancers are incredibly hardworking and devoted to what they do, so much so that they take on tiring early morning rehearsals and hours of practice after school nearly everyday to perfect their dances for pep rallies, concerts, and recitals.

Recently, the dance teacher, Ms. Barrows, was informed that the annual dance recital had to be moved up from the usual June date to April 30. Not a single minute of class time will be wasted, all the dancers are expected to be working diligently. It will not be easy, but Ms. Barrows, as well as the dancers, have faith the show will still be spectacular. Another interesting addition to the dance program is the Clifton Dance Ensemble, which is just a fancy way of saying the after school dance club. It is comprised of teacher-choreographed dances in which the dancers are placed by level of skill as well as student choreographed pieces. The auditions took place early in the school year and every year, the turn out has been successful. You don’t have to be an extremely talented and flexible dancer to be able to audition and be a part of the end-of-the-year production, which is what makes the dance ensemble so versatile. It is welcoming to both students who have a passion for dancing and students who simply want to explore the world of dance. So next time you think about what you want to choose as your performing art requirement, don’t leave out dance as an option. You might be surprised.