Spotlight: Carmina Senosin

Briana Valdez, Staff Writer

For those of you who don’t know who Carmina Senosin is, she is a senior who recently got admitted into NYU! She plans to major in Psychology and study abroad in London. Already, this girl is heading towards a bright future, where there will be an incredible amount of change for her. However, one of the constants in her life is her hobby of singing and music. She started singing when she was only 3 years old, but her admiration for it grew her sophomore year after participating and singing in the CHS Asian Show. Since then, her voice has matured into a beautiful one that is loved by all her friends and family. She is the highlight of the day when we bring out the karaoke machine and she decides to sing a song. To Carmina Senosin, although singing has become a big part of her life, it is more of a hobby. She sings for her friends and family, specifically her dad. She grew up listening to music and hearing him sing made her feels that she can bring others joy with her talent.

“I sing because I can. I don’t believe I’m the best, in fact I consider myself far from it, but if my singing makes others happy and I have a voice, I don’t want to waste it.” She says.

She has even created a Youtube channel and an Instagram page dedicated to her singing videos, because in her words it’s the most convenient way to share her singing covers and original songs. Here is one of the many videos that Carmina has uploaded.