Battling Expectations after High School

Battling Expectations after High School

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Serena Helwani, Staff Writer

I’m sure all you seniors have heard the dreaded questions:

“What college are you going to?”

“What’s your major?”

“What are you even going to do with that major?”

“Will you make enough money?”

These are just a few of the anxiety inducing questions that I, and many others, have heard. Let’s be real here, college is not for everyone. Everyone is different, along with their goals and ambitions. Some future careers require going to trade school, or some don’t need any school at all. All this negative stigma associated with kids who don’t go to college after high school, or chooses a different route more suited for themselves needs to stop. Although I myself am excited to go off to college next Fall and pursue my aspiration of social work, I can honestly say that high school was a really difficult four years. Graduating is a huge accomplishment, and kids who don’t want to follow the crowd after graduation should not be seen as any less. As long as you know your plan, and you’re set on your objectives, shut out all the criticism. You get to decide your own hopes and dreams. Start from there.