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Have You Seen The South Wing Mural?

Stephany Jaramillo, Staff Writer, Aspiring Art Critic

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Taking a contemporary approach by including elements of Modern Street Art, the Mural Club has created a memorable new work.  Located on the South Wing first floor, “The Jason” AKA South Mural has been a work in progress since September. The nickname “The Jason” was contrived after the male in the artwork who is fashioned after a senior club member Jason Contreras. The location of the Mural was originally a request from the staff,  a request The Mural Club decided to take on, looking to “brighten up the space and make it a more noticeable office for students to find”

The artwork consists of a vibrant rainbow backdrop flowing vertically, and billowing white clouds,along with a young girl and boy who are depicted in dramatically darker tones of black and white. This contrast creates an ominous feeling, to it’s cheerful counterpart the background, and leaves onlookers  in wonderment of it’s meaning. Yet, with no defined message behind the artwork other than “everyone can create a different story from art,” the piece is open to the interpretation of the spectator.

To some, the rainbow background and clouds signifies the beauty the world has to offer. The kids illustrated in black and white might showcase the disconnect in our current society.  Even during a time such as now, where we are “connected” to millions of people through social media and the internet, we no longer have legitimate human interaction. Instead we consider the act of liking someone else’s overly posed photos on Instagram to be socialization.

To others, this mural signifies an overwhelming amount of teen mental illness, and the stigmatization surrounding it. Teens faced with the stereotypes and discrimination that can result from misconceptions about mental illness wind up feeling like the couple depicted in the Mural, lost and misguided. The rainbow that represents their environment, while upbeat, is unwelcoming to the teens as they feel like they don’t belong and are ultimately struggling alone.

Another perception of Mural came from Marvin Urias, who said “the guy made the girl black and white, so she’s walking towards the colors for clarity”.  His interpretation evokes a feeling of heartbreak and anguish many teens have experienced in their rush to find love and grow up.

Whether or not you saw the mural as a representation of modern day socialization, mental illness, anguish, or something completely different, you were able to experience beauty of art. Everyone can create a different story or point of view based off of what they themselves feel and can connect to an artwork in ways others simply can’t. I encourage you to look around once in awhile, take in the beauty surrounding you, including all the stunning artwork that we have the Mural Club to thank for and see “the beauty in everything”.

In addition, to the South Wing Mural, The Mural Club has plans and is in the process of decorating our school with beautiful artwork. Inspirational athletic quotes are being placed in the weight room to provide motivation throughout a workout. The Nurse’s office is being painted with murals inside and out, and in hidden places throughout the school, a few paste ups will be placed.

The mural meets every other Thursday, and would love For you to get involved! For more information see Ms. Bethon in L6

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Have You Seen The South Wing Mural?